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Get contacts

Contacts are site visitors who have interacted with the Tidio widget and have been identified by their name, email address, or phone number.

Each contact can have custom properties that can be given by the contact, added by chat operators, or updated by chatbots. Contacts may also have conversations, which include messages from the contact as well as messages to the contact from chat operators or chatbots.

You can list contacts with all their properties.

Query Parameters
cursor string

Value from the previous page. Use null to fetch the first one


Paginated list of contacts

contacts object[]
id uuid

ID of the contact

distinct_id string

ID of the contact in external system

first_name string

First name of the contact

last_name string

Last name of the contact

email email

Email address of the contact

phone string

Phone number of the contact

language string

Language of the contact in ISO 639-1 format (lowercase)

country string

Country of the contact in ISO 3166 Alpha-2 format (uppercase)

city string

City of the contact

messenger_id string

❗️ Deprecated: it always returns null. Will be removed in the next version.

Messenger ID of the contact

instagram_id string

❗️ Deprecated: it always returns null. Will be removed in the next version.

Instagram ID of the contact

created_at date-time

Creation date of the contact

email_consent string

Possible values: [subscribed, unsubscribed]

This field indicates if contact agreed to newsletter subscription

properties object[]
name string

Possible values: length ≤ 128

Contact property name

value string

Possible values: length ≤ 1000

Contact property value

meta object
cursor string

Value to fetch the next page. Null means the page is the last one.

limit integer

How many items were displayed on list


Invalid cursor

errors object[]
code Error code
message More specific description of the error