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How do i put events when i minimize a chat

so like when i minimize the chat, the pages will reload

the possibility of integrating tidio inbox

Looking for an option: Is there any way to integrate the Tidio admin inbox page directly into our application's admin dashboard ( admin panel of our application ) ?

Customizing a chatbot to pull information from third party database in a conversation

Can a chatbot be customized to query and read from a third party database in a live conversation with an end user. An example case could be asking the user to type in a reference number, and then using that data to look it up in a third party database, and offer options to the end user that can then trigger actions inside of a third party app?

Pull and reply to conversations

I want to pull all conversations live as they are happening and reply to them in my salesforce. I also want to be able to see all the customers that are looking at different pages and be able to initiate chats with them. Is this something I can do with this API?

Can't find variable: require

I am running the node version of the REST API to get contacts. I've installed the "npm install api --save" and added the code: const sdk = require('api')('@tidio-developers/v1.0#ykxr16lpv35s5g'); sdk.auth('MY_CLIENT_ID'); sdk.auth('MY_CLIENT_SECRET'); sdk.getContacts() .then(({ data }) => console.log(data)) .catch(err => console.error(err)); When loading the page I get an error in my console saying: "ReferenceError: Can't find variable: require" Please advice

Is there a way to start chat by pre adding contact details

We are looking for a solution where we will create contact by API Call and on the same time user on browser directly start his chat without asking the same information again?

OpenAPI - GetContacts

Is there a way to filter results from this API call? For example, I would like to limit contacts to just those that were created within the past week.

connection to Brevo failed

why am i getting error message when i try to connect my Tidio email account to Brevo

List of conversations

We would like to retain a copy of all conversations, irrespective of whether they were with a bot or an operator, regardless of whether a contact was created or not. Is it possible to obtain a list of all conversations?

cursor string

Where can I find it?