Status and errors codes

This table lists the possible response status codes that the API can return in the event of a successful or unsuccessful request.

Status CodeError CodeDescription
200The request was successful.
201The request was successful and a new resource was created as a result.
202The request has been accepted for processing, but the processing has not been completed.
400bad_requestThe request was invalid or cannot be served.
401unauthorizedThe authorization headers have invalid format, are missing, or are malformed, or the credentials are invalid.
403api_access_disabledAccess to the API has been disabled.
404not_foundThe resource cannot be found.
405method_not_allowedThis method is not supported for this route.
406missing_api_versionThe API version is missing or invalid.
429too_many_requestsYou have reached the limit of allowed attempts.
500server_errorAn internal server error occurred.

Error Object

The error object is used to provide more information about an error that occurred while processing an API request. It contains an array of error objects, each of which has a code field that specifies an error code and a message field that provides a short description of the error.

    "errors": [
            "code": "unauthorized",
            "message": "The authorization headers have invalid format"